Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sweet Hope #4 By Tillie Cole

Book/ Series: Sweet Hope #4
Author: Tillie Cole
Pages: 295
Rating: 5 Stars

I don't even know how to start my review with this book. I mean Tillie seriously nocked it out of the park with this one. I will try by best not to spoil this for anybody that hasn't read it since it just came out a few days ago. I finishes this book with Kleenex everywhere..lol, you have to know that this book is a non-stop rollercoaster of emotions from beginning to end. The book begins with Ally Prince/Aliyana Lucia as a museum curator and wanting so bad to work with a Artist known as Elpidio. She flies her self to Seattle for the interview and of course lands it. Once she is there all the gang make appearances, since everyone happened to live there as well. Once Elpidio runs into Ally at the show room that's getting prepared and put together for his show is where the book starts really to unfold and shine. Sweet hope is a story of pain, forgiveness  and redemption. For Elpidio this is something that he has been living with most of his life. drowning in darkness and misery is something he has grown to know as his companion, Ally in the other hand is forgiveness, hope and light. You would probably think that one would need the other more but as you continue to read you come to realize that this 2 wonderful characters end up needing each other just as much. This isn't only the story that's happening in this book, you also have the back stories that are going on at the same time. Like Romeos and Molly, Austin and Levi. And let me add that Levi's story to me was the saddest story of them all. I practically could keep going on and on about this book. But as you will see Tillie combined all this stories wonderfully. There could have not been a better ending.....Its a very bitter sweet conclusion.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen) By Tillie Cole

Review : 5 Stars !
Wow!, What can be said about this book...I mean it was such a wonderful story. I have totally fallen in love with KY and Lilah. This book series could not get any better.....The story picks up were "It ain't me babe" left off. With the saving of Lilah and Maddie from the Cult Compound they were in. But there adapting to the world outside is not as easy as it was for Mae, Specially for Lilah. Through most of the whole book Lilah desperately wants to be returned to the religious compound so she can be saved. And because of that she fights everyone on the way. I mean I give her that much Tillie wrote her character to have such spunk and even though she was scared out of her mind to be in the outside world. Nobody in the Hangmen's club including Mae or KY for that matter are able to make her understand that she was lied to. From the get go KY is captivated by Lilah's beauty but as he is assigned to be a teacher per say, to be the one that introduces the outside world to her. He is also captivated by her ignorance of the world around her, and the captivation turns into protectiveness. This is were KY begins to shine like a big star in my eyes. The way he begins to make her understand that she is his equal. From teaching her to speak for her self to sitting and eating with the men for dinner. I mean KY just totally wins me over...Sigh! You will see that KY makes such big leaps and progress with her, but as you read on and you get to the part were Lilah has her own thoughts you start to see that Lilah has made no progress at all. She continues to question everything that the outside world is showing her and those believes that were literally beaten and abused in her are still there. She still yearns to be saved and to be back in the compound. By the end of the book something big occurs that in the end makes her question everything the cult has taught her. And when this happens I literally had to put the book down to take a breather. I was not able to read thru. How Mrs. Tillie  comes up with some of this harsh stuff is beyond me. But WOW!!....After a long coffee break I went back at it. And let me tell you, you really need to keep your Kleenex close. I so wanted to put myself in the book to help Lilah in anyway I could. But as I read through all this madness I realize that with out these tragedies happening  Lilah would not be able to be at peace with herself. The ending was just so horrible (in a good way) but with out Lilah going through all this I believe that the book would not be able to have such a beautiful ending, like it did. I totally recommend this book to everyone, But do remember that you have to read "It ain't me Babe" first before moving on to this one. And I promise you that you will love the first book as well.  

"Before you I was vacant of love. Now I am replete. Before you I lived without hope. Now I am inspired. Before you I was broken. Now I am whole." 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Stars 3
 I have been wanting to read this book desperately, for EVER!!!!!.....But now that I have read it, I was left sitting scratching my head and asking a million questions. I sort of wanted to be part of the crowd that is able to say OMG!! I loved this book!!....And its driving me crazy that im not able to say that..Sigh  So now that I have finished my pity party lets begin with the review....This book is about a girl/Assassin named Celaena Sardothien. She gets offered her freedom in exchange she has to represent the prince in a champion competition to find a new royal assassin.Ok so the book has a great premise I mean in the first few chapters I was completely hooked. But something happened along the way that made me start loosing interest, The way the synopsis of the book was written is that she is this bass ass assassin that everyone is sooo afraid of. I mean they had her chained up for the first few chapters because she is suppose to be very dangerous. But as the book progressed she becomes so caught up in what she's wearing and the whole love triangle she has going on that she forgets what her purpose of being there is. I honestly believe that the book could have been just as good without the love triangle than with. But with all this being said I did like the book and enjoyed the last few chapter in the end. But did I love it? NO...Did I want to be desperately crazy about this book like so many others?. Most definitely!. In the end I had to really push myself to finish the book, which I really hate doing. Thank god for those last chapters that got me somewhat hooked once again. I don't blame the book for the way it turned out one bit, I just think I went into it with really high expectation. I will probably continue this series, since I had already bought "Crown of Midnight" But maybe in between read something else. Although once again I have heard fantastic things about book# 2. ....Like I always say its never a bad thing to give a series a second go add it.. ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Hope By Tillie Cole

Cannot wait for the release of the new addition to the Sweet Home Series. Seven more Days March 29,2015 Release date. I so do hope that the story is about Ally and Axel....The waiting is killing me People....Let the countdown begin!!!

Sweet Fall By Tillie Cole

Review: Stars 5!!!
What can I say about this book, Mrs. Tillie Cole never disappoints. This is book 3 of the series, I did not skip book 2 but because Sweet Rome is based on the same story from book one but in Romeo's perspective I decided to just skip the whole review for that book and write one for the 3'rd book Sweet Fall. Now this book focuses around Austin Carillo and Lexington Hart, two beloved secondary characters from book 1. These 2 stories are so painful that I have never felt so much heart break over a book. I am willing to admit that this book had me in tears at times and had to stop to literally remind myself that its just a book. Austin Carrillo is the boy that came from the wrong side of town. Coming from a life of gangs and drugs, but was blessed enough to have a door and a opportunity to go to the University of Alabama. But even though he leaves behind the trailer he also leaves behind a very sick momma and two brothers that he needs to provide for. And this is where the hard choices for him come in to play. Lexi in the other hand suffers from a dark secret that she has been dealing with since childhood and tries to cover it up with her happy go lucky attitude, that Austin is able to see right thru. They come together and try to find some kind of comfort with one another. The hardest story to read thru had to be Lexis story. How she was able to be strong at times when anybody would be ready to give up is something that had me talking to myself and cheering her on. This book was written almost the same way with each characters point of view and thoughts, which I loved. Tillie Cole wrote such a wonderful personal story that I have to give kudos to her as well for being so brave in writing this book.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sweet Home By Tillie Cole

Rating: Stars 5!!!

    So I decided to start this lil gem of a book. I had read other books from this author which I really enjoyed. Sweet Home is the first installment of a what I just found out to be a 4 book series. The story follows Molly a British student that transfers to (AU). And a jock /star football player from University of Alabama named Romeo Prince. Both of them come from such different backgrounds and worlds yet so emotionally damaged that they find one another and find comfort within each other. I loved the plot and all the smaller back stories that start emerging with the other characters that we get introduced to. I believe that's were all the other books from the series come in.....(But those reviews to come..lol) Its like the author made a book about a love story and struggle entwined with all this other characters stories. And I really enjoyed that. I know that some readers prefer to focus in that one story that the book is written for, but having all this back drop stories I believe makes the book so much better. Molly and Romeos story is such a wonderful love story that I enjoyed every minute of it and could not put the book down. I could not believe that I finished the book in one sitting. The only thing I can complain about the book, is  about Romeos character he came out sometimes to be so possessive and pushy, very pushy!.... the word strangle him would pop in my head..lol. But I think in the end and when the book was coming to a close, that same pushiness is what made me love Romeo's character even more.