Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Wrap Up...

    Wonderful Reading Month..I read 15 books in total!! Don't know how this happened but, I was able to read some really good books. Once again Thank you Book :)                     



Monday, April 27, 2015

Fighting For Flight By JB Salsbury

Review Rating:  4.5

This book fell on my lap by accident, and after reading it im so happy it did. I enjoyed this book so much written about MMA fighters was kind of awesome. A book full of Alpha Attitude..who would not love that. Yum!..right? All characters in this book are written in so well even the secondary characters. The book is about a girl named Raven Morretti the only daughter of the infamous pimp in Vegas. And Jonah Slade a MMA fighter.. Raven having a more quiet life being a loner and raising herself, she's always preferred to have it that way. A lover of cars and a mechanic is her only love at the time. Plus having only a handful of friends she trust and by that I mean 2. Her old high School teacher Guy which she sees as a father figure and her best friend Eve.  Then you have Jonah Slade ( the Assassin), A bad ass MMA fighter that puts in 100% into his fights and training, not relationships. Jonah has lived and lives a life the opposite of Raven. Being raised by great parents, loved by all, and in front of the publics eye. But all of that changes for both of them when they meet each other. And it changes even more when Raven's father Dominique Morretti comes around claiming her and wanting for her to start working for him. The book picks up pretty fast, by the middle of the book its starts to be a page turner. Also becoming a tear jerker by reading Ravens childhood stories. The secondary characters are funny and smartasses at their best, which gives the book a more lighter feel to it. Very entertaining to read. I also love that the book is written in dual POV. Now how awesome is that!. I always prefer a Dual POV,  because its gives me a better understanding on what both characters are feeling and thinking. Over all the book is written very well with the perfect amount of hot, steamy situations in it because who wants over the top repetition right?.. Fighting for Flight is book 1 of a 5 book Series, Yes! You read it right, this series has 5 wonderful books in it. Fighting for forgiveness is book 2 in the series. And we get to know more on Blake. Another MMA fighter and Jonah's best friend. Happy Reading!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Until July By Aurora Reynolds


Once I was introduced to Aurora Reynolds books I have turned into a real fan of her writing. I loved all of the Until Series with the Mayson brothers, and now I can say I will continue reading the spin off series. Until July is book one of the spin off series, this book and as I understand all the other companion books that will be added to this series will be based on the Mayson Kids. Until July is the story of July Mayson which is November's and Asher's Mayson First born daughter. Don't want to get to much into how many children they have so I don't spoil the book for the readers who have not yet read the Until Series. It was kind of different to read a book in this Until series were the story is based around  a Mayson female falling hard for a guy. When we as fans of the series have only read the Mayson men falling hard for someone. I actually really enjoyed that about the book. So July Mayson falls hard for a Biker named Wes Silver. Or as the Mayson family says, "She has found her Boom"..Yes the whole cuteness of that Idea in the Mayson family continues through out this series. Which I love by the way :) There is not a really big story line that gives a page turner like the other books do, but the book does give you a story. But Its really more based on the relationship that July has with her dad on being over protective with her. And now her being able to introduce Wes to him. All in all it is a cute book but I would have proffered to have more of a dangerous or a little more Alpha in To me it was a little too much cuteness which is fine and all but having testosterone is more my preference. Hope everyone enjoys this one :) 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nine Minutes By Beth Flynn



Let me just begin this review by thanking another reader that introduce me to this wonderful book. Once again I finished this book in practically one sitting, that is how good it was and is. Its funny because I would have totally judge this book by its cover alone. Never would have picked it up as a reading choice. But im so glad I did. Honestly im not even sure were to start....The book takes place in the 70's which that right there sparked my interest, once I started reading it I notice that the story picked up fast. A 15 year old girl gets kidnapped by a motorcycle gang. Im trying to not give anything away, because this book gives so many surprises that you don't even see coming...I mean I was literally gasping through the whole book, its that good. The story was compelling and wonderfully written, I can say though that there is some parts of the story that I really didn't like at all. Not because it was badly written , but because you have a sheltered scared 15 year old girl that's surrounded by grown men that put her in some dark and uncomfortable situations, well they were for me anyways.The suspense and the twist in this book will literally have you speed reading just to get to the next

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cover Reveal!! Beautiful Sacrifice By Jamie McGuire

Here we are fans of The Maddox Brothers Series and of course of Jamie McGuire!!..The new cover for the third of the four novels in this wonderful Series. Maybe everyone is like me and was hooked on this wonderful authors writing with Beautiful Disaster. Or maybe you have been a fan since Providence either way here we have it people!!...Set date for release is May 21, 2015!!...And once again, Let the Countdown Begin!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Until Series By Aurora Rose Reynolds


Well this review will be somewhat different than my other single book reviews. Just because I marathon the books, one right after another. Besides Tillie Coles series I have never fallen in lone with such wonderful characters like these, In Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I have never gone for a book with having nothing but Naked men in the cover. But since im a big fan of body art, that is why this series caught my eye. "And I should thank my hubby for that" This series is written around a family of brothers "The Mayson Boys". And most of them have all the same qualities head strong, possessive, cocky at times and of course good looking, but most of all very kind. And the woman they fall in love with are all very different and with different back stories that once each of these boys meet their girl or how they put it, meet their "BOOM"!!!....Yes that is what they call I even love the cuteness of these characters. Each Mayson brother is thrown into a world they thought they will never want or care for with these women. I was hooked with Until November from then on I could not wait to start the next one. Out of all four books I have to say that Until Lilly was the one that I really loved. Until Lilly totally made me feel for the characters in that book. Very, Very say at times. And the books that are written with such emotion are the ones that I totally fall for. What can I say, im a sucker for heartbreaking stories with a happy ending.  I would have to give 5 star to all the books, well maybe a 4 star to Until Trevor. but that's only because it dragged a little too much for me. But other than that all books have to be rated high. I cant wait to pick up the Spin off of this series...YAY!!  Until July is the next book  by this author and its a standalone book, spin off of the Mayson brothers.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Cover Reveal!!...Soul Unfractured By Tillie Cole

Here it is my readers!!..The new cover for our one and only Flame Story!. Let's just take a minute to enjoy this beautiful cover. No set date for the release, but Mrs. Tillie Cole is aiming for a summer release date. So hang in there fans of our Hangmen Boys ;)

I've Got your Number By Sophie Kinsella


Can I just say how much I really liked this book. I decided to read something more in the lighter side after reading Vandal. And let me just say that this book was so entertaining and fluffy from beginning to end. I have seen books by Sophie Kinsella but have never went ahead and picked one up to read. And now im feeling so left out of this whole Sophie Kinsella world out I like that this whole story is really established around a phone that is found in the trash. Which by the way now has me looking into trash can every time I go by So you have two people now sharing one phone. The funniest stuff come in when you have the wrong person of the two holding on to it. This is were Poppy comes in, a cute and very impulsive character in the book. The stuff she gets herself in through out the book is by itself soooo entertaining. We also have Sam a workaholic business man that is, or at least tries to be very private about his life in general. But leave it to Poppy to have him having almost heart attacks on her impulsive decisions. The whole interaction between these two characters that are funny and clever in their own way is so enjoyable to read. Not sure why I didn't totally love the book, I mean it has everything that a good book should have. And I would definitely recommend this book. But I did enjoy it and liked it a lot. And I would definitely pick up another Sophie Kinsella's book. Which by the way there are a few out there. Plus she will be adding to her collection her first YA book called "Finding Aubrey". It will be published June 2015.   

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Cover Reveal !!!!

Let's say hello to the second Fire in the woods series cover!!!.... Ashes in the sky will be Book 2 of this wonderful series. And look how beautiful it is!... The date of the release will be "September 1, 2015" so lets get our reminders ready.

Vandal By Carian Cole


Im so baffled on how I feel about this book, I truly am. I cannot say I hated it, because there was something there I did love about it. Im a true believer that if a book is out from a series you have started, you must continue. But with this book im asking myself if it was a good idea, being that I fell in love with book 1 so much and not with this one. So Vandal is book 2 from Ashes and Embers series. I was looking forward to this book so much, after I had read Storm. As I said before the whole concept of a musician was written so wonderfully in book 1 (Storm) that I definitely needed to know the next band members story. I did prepare my self before reading Vandal, being that there was a few readers that had said it was a little more in the dark side. But nonetheless I went for it. The first few chapters by themselves were so sad and heartbreaking that it just hooked me on for the ride. Wow!, what a way to open up a book. The mere sadness of Vandal is so overwhelming, that you totally have to cheer for this guys happiness when it eventually is given to him. We also have Tabitha a woman going thru her own despair. This 2 characters are joined together to mend each others pain and heartbreak. I do have to say that there is parts in the book were you have to ask ...Why? They both have a D/S relationship which that alone got me asking WTH!!....Neither one of them are even remotely close to have any kind of relationship. Thru the hole book Vandal and Tabatha are trying to numb each other from their own personal pain they feel. I can say that there is a lot more of the book I did not like than love. I will totally not give away the story but I got surprised that there is a wonderful twist at the end that totally made me like the story a little more.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Storm By Carian Cole


Well this has been my first book that I have read about musicians. And I am in love with the whole story and concept. Get together a na├»ve /girl next door  with a very hot popular kind of guy and you get a story full of sexual tension. We meet Evelyn (Evie) a girl that to me seems kind of Bi-polar at times. She is scared about everything. Needs to be with someone 24/7 or she goes into panic attacks. Although it does get annoying at times that she cant be strong enough to be able to take care of her self. As the book progresses you start to find out why is it that she gets those panic attack and why she is the way she is. Your heart breaks and you start to feel bad for her, and understand her more. Then we have Storm, Yes people that is his real name. But I guess being in the most known rock band helps him carry that name perfectly. Their sexual tension starts from the moment they meet, well maybe not right then and there being that she needs to be rescued from being stuck in a blizzard by him. But once both of them get stuck and they end up spending 2 days in a small confined space the fun begins. Of course Storm being the initiator of everything fun. These 2 characters together brings this story and novel to life. Its not just about the sexual tension but about understanding and finding themselves as a pair that has gone thru horrific tragedy in their life. It also gives us many funny parts and situations that had me cracking up at Evelyn's ignorance and sheltered life. The author new just exactly how to put these two characters together and thru out the book be able to heal their past wounds. I really don't think I can find a big complain about this book I loved it from the beginning to end. It was such a exceptional read, definitely a book that you will not be able to put down.