Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Fall By Tillie Cole

Review: Stars 5!!!
What can I say about this book, Mrs. Tillie Cole never disappoints. This is book 3 of the series, I did not skip book 2 but because Sweet Rome is based on the same story from book one but in Romeo's perspective I decided to just skip the whole review for that book and write one for the 3'rd book Sweet Fall. Now this book focuses around Austin Carillo and Lexington Hart, two beloved secondary characters from book 1. These 2 stories are so painful that I have never felt so much heart break over a book. I am willing to admit that this book had me in tears at times and had to stop to literally remind myself that its just a book. Austin Carrillo is the boy that came from the wrong side of town. Coming from a life of gangs and drugs, but was blessed enough to have a door and a opportunity to go to the University of Alabama. But even though he leaves behind the trailer he also leaves behind a very sick momma and two brothers that he needs to provide for. And this is where the hard choices for him come in to play. Lexi in the other hand suffers from a dark secret that she has been dealing with since childhood and tries to cover it up with her happy go lucky attitude, that Austin is able to see right thru. They come together and try to find some kind of comfort with one another. The hardest story to read thru had to be Lexis story. How she was able to be strong at times when anybody would be ready to give up is something that had me talking to myself and cheering her on. This book was written almost the same way with each characters point of view and thoughts, which I loved. Tillie Cole wrote such a wonderful personal story that I have to give kudos to her as well for being so brave in writing this book.

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