Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Wrap Up!

Disarming #2
Reign Of Blood #1
Sweet Home #1
Heart Recaptured #2
Sweet Rome #2
Sweet Fall #3
Sweet Hope #4
Throne Of Glass #1


                                                                    Well the month of march has come to close. I have had a very good reading month as you can see. I'm sure I probably would have been able to read more but since I have school I also have to get homework and studying done. And lets not forget the highlight of this month was the anticipating book from Tillie Cole "Sweet Hope#4". Which by the way was AMAZING!!!..Everyone need to go check it out, and for those who have not read any books on the Series really need to. Sorry to say that Sweet Hope cannot be read as a stand alone. You will probably feel lost with so many different characters that are in book #4 . Thru the Series you will meet everyone and there back stories. Big, Big 5 stars! for all. So let's welcome April with your TBR list....And with that being said lets hope that the month of April is as reading productive as this one was...

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