Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tittle: Caught In The Flames
Author: Kacey Shea
Genre: Romance
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!!
Callie Gordon is more than a little obsessed…
I love firemen.
Heroic. Selfless. Brave.
Not to mention the uniform with those damn sexy pants…I can’t get enough.
Imagine my surprise when local fire captain, Chase Matthews, wanders into my yard on moving day. I’ve hit real estate gold. Hot as sin with that all-knowing smirk creates an instant spark. Welcome to the neighborhood never looked so good.
But dating a firefighter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Chase keeps me at distance even when I attempt to break down his walls. A friendship with the nosy eccentric woman down the street reveals there’s more to Chase than he’s willing to share. I’m playing with fire and bound to get burned.
Secrets unfold.
Truths are brought to light.
Can I handle the heat? Or will my love for this man prove that sometimes even good girls have to burn down the house?
Caught in the Flames is a standalone contemporary romance and intended for adult readers due to explicit content.

OMG!!! what a book!...
I have to be honest and admit that this has been the first book that I read by Kacey Shea. Why have I not picked up this author, I have no idea. Loved the book!!! So when I started the book I totally had the whole concept/story line completely wrong. To me this book is a complete mind f&@% to say the least. Its like you enter a big giant amusement/rollercoaster park. It makes and surprises you with all these twist and emotional turn, that it has you asking What the hell just happened??..This baby just completely takes you for a ride.

The characters, all of them are soo full of surprises and when you think you figured them out you get hit from left field. My feelings were scattered everywhere. Love and hate definitely!! The fact that its based or written around men in uniform and firemen at that, well its definitely a go for me. Callie became my nervous break down around the middle to the end of the book. OMG!!! And can we have a book written about Kiki!!!?!?!?!...Yes Please!!
she was everything in that book. It completely had me looking forward to her parts in the book. She really did add a completely different feel to it. I'm trying not to give too much away as you can see. This is positively a book that you have completely go in with no spoilers, I think if I would have read some of the spoilers it would not have had the punch in the gut the way it did. Definitely one-Click this baby!!...Cuz this author has been added to the very top of my Favorites. Happy Reading Kiddos!!

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