Monday, August 1, 2016

Tittle: The Summer Games #2 (Out Of Bounds)
Author: R.S. Grey
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!!

I despise Erik Winter.

He’s arrogant and cruel—a man I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy—and by some twisted turn of fate, he’s my new Olympic gymnastics coach.

I’ve had to contend with gruff coaches in the past, but Erik is far worse. His stern demeanor complements a body built for intimidation, and his reprimands come from a mouth so cunning, I know it could strip me of my defenses—if I let it.

Though each of us would love to be rid of the other forever, we are bound to each other by need and necessity. I’m his rising star, his best shot at proving himself to his critics. And without a coach, I have zero chance of winning gold in Rio.

The easiest way forward would be to wave a white flag and make peace with the man I’ll be sharing close quarters with for the foreseeable future, but he is intent on war.

Fine. By. Me.

If he pushes me, I’ll push back harder. If he wants to test me, to play with my head, I’ll show him just how many boundaries I’m willing to cross. Because I know it’s not a choice between winning or warring—not if you can have them both. At the end of it all, I plan on leaving Rio with gold around my neck and his icy heart in the palm of my hand.
My Review

Its official!!....This has to be my favorite book so far of Grey!..The story line and characters were just perfection. Once I had opened the book to the first chapter I was the most unproductive human being the whole weekend, yes that's how my weekend actually happened. (No shame)
Erick and Brie story is electrifying and so well written. It was funny and the banter back and forth between these two head strong characters was just addicting to read. You got to love the spunk in female characters, and that's what Brie had. She was no push say the least. This girl was more of you push her, she will push right back (And Hard!). Loved this girl. You know you have a winner in a book when the story just grabs you.
I knew that my excitement over this book was not exaggerated at all. And of course R.S. Grey did not disappoint. Over all this book is sexy, funny and very well written from start to finish. And if you are a loyal reader of Grey's books you will definitely know that this book will completely top the last one. And if your a Newbie like I was at one point, get ready for an amazing wild ride!!
Enjoy Kidos!!

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