Wednesday, December 30, 2015

                 Quote: “I love...that elevator,” she said. With a sleepy smile and a full heart, he turned his head and kissed into her soft hair. “Aw, Red. I love that elevator, too."

Title: Hearts in Darkness #1
Series: Hearts in Darkness
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Laura Kaye
Release Date: Out Now!!

This was my first book by Laura Kaye and I must say I really enjoyed this book. It was fun and sexy!. The characters Caden and Makenna were so charismatic and just plain wonderful. Having 2 people that go into an elevator without even taking a look at each other before the lights go out made the book even more interesting. It was so wonderful the way the author made this work perfectly without having a long dragged out book, it was just amazing. In the short four hours that they are stuck in the elevator the characters feel a great connection and let me tell you it gets hell of hot in there. The whole idea of getting stuck with someone you don't know and haven't seen and yet feel this great connection and passion for the other person is amazing to read. My only "BUT" is that I wished the book was longer, waaaaay longer. But with that being said is nice to know that book 2 "Love in the Light" will be coming out January 12, 2016 YAY!!!!....The story of Caden and Makenna will definitely continue. So stay tuned Kiddos!!

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