Monday, July 27, 2015

Chained By Jaimie Roberts


Quote: He was like the ICE to my FIRE. The SUN to my RAIN. He brought STABILITY and PEACE. To my ACHING HEART.

Title: Chained
Author: Jaimie Roberts
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Released Date: July 17, 2015

First of all I do want to say that I really enjoyed the book. It was entertaining and a great beginning. It reminded me somewhat of Tillie Cole Raze. But with that being said this book stands completely on its own. It was full of  thrilling secrecy that made the beginning of the book so captivating. With Olivia becoming a orphan at a young age, and only having her creepy uncle to look after her.* Which by the way I feel that her uncle is the best character in the book. Just because It had me reading fast to get to his part in the story. The author makes you so intrigued by him that you just want to know more. His possessiveness over Olivia's make the story even more sick and twisted. Then we also have KIT. He is mysterious and sexy right of the bat. And boom!! I was hooked on his character as well. Now with Miss Olivia, she was a little confusing for me at times. I loved and enjoyed her kindness and loving side. The way she was there to help Kit and the wonderful hot chemistry that both had together was fantastic. Really enjoyed them both together. Now were it kind of started falling apart for me....It was somewhere in the middle, I think for me what really had me from the get go was the murder, but somewhere at 40% that part of the story was hardly brought up. The book started to sway a little from how the book really began as. The book dragged on a little too much for my liking. As you get to the ending everything starts once again to come up lies, conspiracies, and so on. From that point on I was right back on the CHAINED train. It took me awhile to finish the book, but im glad I did push through until the end. I liked it, wish I could have loved it like all my other readers. But you can win them all. (Definitely Worth 3.5 Rating). I do definitely recommend this read. Its a captivating different kind of story. That is very worth reading. Enjoy Kiddos!!!



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