Monday, July 27, 2015

Darkness Lurkes (Darkness Series Book1)


Quote: “Let me touch your skin." His words came out like a snake flicking its tongue, testing out the air to see if there was a possibility for lunch.”       
Title: Darkness Lurks (Darkness Series Book 1)
Author: J.L Drake
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release day: July 21, 2015
This book was Amazing!!! It had everything I love in a book. Suspense, Creepiness, Romance, and everything in between. J.L Drake has done it again. From the get go everyone was a suspect for me. I even suspected the shadows of everyone, that is how good this author can wright a suspense book. She had me on the edge if my sit definitely. And can I say that there is not a dull moment in this book at all. Every chapter just adds another person for the reader to suspect involvement. Ok im rambling on, let me just give you a small run down on these wonderful characters. So first of all we have Emily, a well off nice girl that has had a normal life as a full time student. Everything changes when she starts feeling like someone is watching her. Her once normal life turns into a nightmare of true insanity.  And now for the yummy Don't think that the author was only going to give us suspense. I mean what would a book of J.L Drake be without some Yummy Boys...right!?!? We are introduced to Seth and Garrett which I personally think are the two main They are the two which mainly protect Emily. Seth being the complicated love interest and Garrett, Seth's partner who protects and cares for Emily like a little sister. Now I wont forget to mention the rest of the boys in the police department that show up through out the book..YAY!! But through it all Jimmy Lasko is the true star of the book. His character is totally based on what your nightmares would be like. His sick and 100% creepy. My pure entertainment had to be when his POV would come up in the book. I swear he makes your skin crawl just by the stuff he says. It has taken me days to get over my book hangover from all these wonderful written characters. This has to be a must read book, for sure!!. So go out and get your copy before Book 2 in the series comes out (Darkness Follows). Enjoy Kiddos!!!

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