Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tittle: Rebel #1
Series: Dead Man's Ink
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Callie Hart
Release Date: Out Now!!!

Well I'm not happy about the out come of this book. Not the book itself but, my outcome from reading it. I have been a big obsessed fan girl for any of Callie's Books. ALL OF THEM!...So with that being said, I'm not sure what happened with this book. I was sooo excited to get my gritty little hands on this beauty. And once I did, I was so disappointed. "I hate not being part of the popular crowd" you know, the one that everyone agrees how great this book . I do want to be very clear that the book is great, I mean its from Callie Freaking Hart!. But I just wasn't able to find my groove with this book. I'm definitely blaming the fact that I read this book through audible form. Yea definitely blaming Audible. Sad to say I had to DNF it about 72% in. Yes very disappointed. Now would I still recommend this book, I certainly will. To all my Callie Hart Fans and reading Junkies definitely!!. I'm a true believer that when a book might not blow YOU away, It might for someone else. I probably will not continue this series, but from many other reviews I have read it seems that this is definitely another winner in Callie's belt. Enjoy Kiddos!!!

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