Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Title: A Thousand Boy Kisses
Genre: Young Adult
Author: Tillie Cole
Release Date: March 15, 2015

Why do you keep doing this to me Tillie?....2 days after finishing this book I felt completely torn. In such a wonderful way.  From the beginning you can tell that its written with so much love and affection that you get completely emerge in the story of Poppy and Rune. This book totally has everything, you get to feel so many emotions and you welcome each and every one of them with open arms. You get to a point in the book that you definitely feel your even part of it. I felt what each character in the book went through. I don’t have a single favorite part because I do have to say that I enjoyed everything about it. The story and characters are well developed and not rushed at all. But most of all I loved the relationship that Rune and Poppy had together. From their friendship as children to their love as young adults. I could sit here and say how this book was completely emotional and had me breaking down from start to finish, but I rather let the readers know that their is so much happiness and love in this story. If you read how it made every single reader cry it wasn't just about it being completely sad and heartbreaking. It was definitely more than just it being a sad book. There was such happy moments and just soo much love not just with Poppy and Rune but also with every other character. Which by the way play such a big part in the story. You could without a doubt feel the love and time that Tillie put in this book. These are the books that a lot of readers look for, the once that pulls some of us out of our everyday rituals and problems and lead us to feel something so different and exceptional. Even if its the slightest hint of something we see as special in a book. I completely enjoyed this book, and its definitely 5 PLUS stars!!..But most of all I have to thank Tillie for continuing to bring us such Special and memorable stories that most of us True Reading Junkies and even not such a Junkie but still a lover a books will definitely carry with them for a very long time......Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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