Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tittle: Lassoing "The Virgin Mail Order Bride"
Genre: Romance
Author: Alexa Riley
Release Date: March 17, 2016

Good Lord I soo needed this book!...Who knew this book would be perfect to get me out of that emotional book slump I was in. Heads up reading junkies!, I totally recommend this book for anybody that has read a deep emotional book. This will get you up and going real quick!! This book from the beginning threw me off a little. And it was just by the tittle. I'm thinking Virgin Mail Order??...What??...But of course it only was a subtle double take because knowing that this book was written by my favorite girls I had no doubt I was in for a fun sexy ride. Let me give you the short Run Down....We get to meet  Clare Stevens our Mail Order Bride. Not knowing what this new arrangement has in store for her, she goes all in and hopes for the best. Once she sets foot in the McCallister Ranch and meets Cash McCallister face to face she knows that it wont be easy getting along with a brute of a man. The build up of the characters and the story I believe the best part. You get to see them and the story evolve and grow and turn this awkward arrangement into a wonderful fairy tale....Like I said the best part :) .Everything else in between you definitely must read this book. I'm sure you will love to get to know more of our delicious Alpha/ Cowboy. And what a Cowboy he is ...Sigh. Reading the push and pull in the beginning between these 2 fabulous characters is hilariously entertaining to read. The book is amazingly over the top and the hotness level in definitely 10 PLUS!, Just the way we love our Alexa Riley's books. Absolutely another great book for the collection. I said once already Current Mission is to collect every single AR book for my wonderful shelf. And this addition will fit just perfect with the others. Definitely more than a 5 Fun Star Read!!!....Enjoy My Reading Junkies!! 

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