Friday, March 4, 2016

Titlte: Finally Unbroken
Genre: Romance
Author: Maria McDonald
Release Date: March 18, 2016

After reading this book I’m asking myself why I have not ever picked up any of Maria McDonalds Books. Now I’m just hating myself. Her writing is amazing and even that is not giving her all the credit she deserves. My lord this book just killed me!!...The tittle itself says it all.....The first few chapters I was yelling at my kindle because the treatment of some of the characters by others were so frustrating to read. I wanted to go in and literally make everything ok for her.
Throughout the book I could just not stop myself from crying and feeling such a heavy heartbreak…UGH!!..To say that you won’t need therapy after this beautiful book would be a lie.
I totally have to agree with a reviewer that not just the main characters shine but all of them. They are all able to stand on their own, which is just wonderful to see. And as the book goes on you are able to see how some of them just grow into their own.
I’m trying my hardest that I don’t spoil anything because you definitely have to go all in so you can see and feel what most of us did. I hate leaving such a short Review, but before a book comes out that’s the way they usually go. No Spoilers by me!!….. Enjoy Reading Junkies!

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