Friday, April 1, 2016

Holly Hell Batman!!!...I mean come on with these books!...I swear I cant even find the right words to explain how amazingly hot and sexy this book is. My girls never disappoint, if anything they seem to get better and In this story we get to meet Bleu and Lola, can I just point out that these damn names just really did it for me. I literally decided that I loved this book by these sexy  names they carry. Kudos ladies!, you guys did good. Now who do we need to thank for giving us another shifter story?..Because its AMAZING!!!..Yes reading Junkies we get to claim another shifter in our list of many. And Bleu fits perfectly. He has all the right amount of Alpha and roughness in him. I mean this story should have definitely been longer. Because I totally fell in love with Bleu, hard not to really. His so rugged and even funny believe it or not. You will see what I mean by funny, poor guy doesn't even try to Lola is just perfect, hard not to be able to love her. Both of them have such great, believable chemistry that you really get completely emerge in their love story. Overall the story is a quick read (Way to quick for my liking) but perfectly done. You will see that even though its a quick read its not rush at all. Its very well developed and both characters are just completely lovable to the 10th power. Eeeeek!!..Seriously AR we need more of Bleu. Ok I need
Definitely 10 plus star!!...Happy Reading Kiddos!! 

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