Monday, April 11, 2016

Tittle: Deal Breaker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Whitney D.
Release Date: April 12, 2016

I have to say this was a cute read. The beginning was wonderful, just because they start as adolescents. And I have always been such a sucker for those kind of books. A story that starts from a young age are really the best stories in my eyes. You get as a reader a more complete story of who they are, where they come from, and what’s their story. The story is about Emery and Sebastian although sometimes Emery I felt was such a complicated and disconnected character or maybe not complicated but she sure did make everything out that way. (Very frustrating at times) But with that said I definitely had a soft spot for her. I believe there was so much of her we didn’t get. Sabastian was definitely my heart, what an amazing character. I loved that Sebastian stayed consistent throughout the book. Since there was a lot of changeover from past to present. Which I want to point out was very easy to follow. A very smooth transition from start to finish.
Ok so the reasoning for the gap of 12 years has to be one of the hardest reasons for me to comprehend. I mean there should have been a more logical reason why the separation was there. Sorry to say I was just not able to wrap my head around it. As the story progressed I had so many questions that would keep popping up in my head that once the end of the book came around were just never answered. Over all the story is amazing with RIDICULOUSLY HOT sex scenes which kept me hooked on the story. And to be honest it was their young love that they once had and came back to that I really enjoyed the most. But like I said I’m a sucker for young love…… Definitely a book to add to your TBR.
Happy Reading Kiddos!!!


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