Monday, April 11, 2016

Tittle: Mr And Mrs
Series: An Alexa Riley Promise
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Alexa Riley
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!

How I love my ladies!!!...You ladies know how to do things right!!. Can this book be any more Perfect?. If the other books in this series will be like this one I am in love and impatiently waiting for my next fix. That is the reason why I’m such a psycho when it comes to their books. Phillip and Molly’s characters are so mature and well developed that I could not put this amazing story down. To be able to get my hands on this book before it even came out was such a big treat for me, I totally devoured every word. Oh Molly, Molly, Molly my love and frustration was totally with you from the start. Why run? Why not talk??? I have to say that this was totally the moment you want to jump in the book and hit someone in the head…lol. Or maybe that’s just me ;)
I completely enjoyed the more mature form of the story. Maybe it gave out that feeling because this was already a based relationship/ marriage. But with that said we still get the Alpha we so much enjoy from out male character. Phillip brings that to the table and more. Wished it could have been from the beginning though. We don’t get that until somewhere in the middle. Yea I know, I’m such an alpha freak…lol
All in all the plot, and writing is completely perfection. The characters on the other hand is something you’re going to have to have patience with(Just Molly) With the exception of my Phillip of course! His just

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