Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tittle: Bad For Business
Series: Mixing Business with Pleasure
Genre: Romance
Author: Ace Gray
Release Date: June 28, 2016

Awww Nick and Kate.... I mean I completely fell in love with them from book one (Strictly Business). I believe I'm able to call that weekend that I started this amazing series "Taking Care Of Business"... Get It ?!?!?!. I loved everything about the characters and the story. The author was able to give us a connection between Nick and Kate that I totally felt through her writing. And good lord did I devour their hot steamy sessions. Yes I need more of
I'm trying to stick to just the review on Bad For Business but because I read both books back to back I'm just completely wrapped up in the story as a whole. The roller coaster of emotions that Gray gives us in the story is pure delight I tell you. Those moments in a book when you have to walk away for a minute because you want to fix them so badly, good lord I had a few of those...Those are the best books, because they have you on pins and needles. (Thank you for that Gray)....You literally had me hooked!!....A lot of What?...And Why?
I'm trying my hardest not to ruin or give too much away...UGH!..I swear I'm about to explode on this!!...Well Gray you have added another loyal Reading Junkie here <~~~~~ Now you have me doing countdowns to the next installment on this AMAZING series. And lets not talk about stalking your Insta for hints of the next book....Sorry about that by the way .....Not really :).
Over all the this book/Series had me fascinated with excitement and completely wanting more of Nick and Kate. And I'm desperately, "yes I said desperately!"... Wanting more of them. Cant wait for the next book!!!
My Hats off to you Ace Gray!!!


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