Thursday, June 2, 2016

Well another month down, and a very great month of amazing books!!...Hopefully everyone's month was as amazing as mine....Plus I cant wait to see all the great reads on Instagram and Facebook. I was able to read 15 books and one re-read....Yay!!!...Well as always there will be a link to all the reviews on the book and a link to goodreads comments and rating. 

Beauty Sleeps-By Alexa Riley

Lost Slipper-By Alexa Riley 

Riding Red-By Alexa Riley

Toward The Sound Of Chaos-By Carmen Jenner

Blackmailing The Virgin-By Alexa Riley

Finding Snow By Alexa Riley

Black By Aria Cole

Desperately Seeking Epic By B.N. Toler

Sway By Adriana Locke

Sweet Jayne By K. Webster

Escape By J.L Drake

Until June By Aurora Rose Reynolds

Paper Princess By Erin Watt

Owning The Beast By Alexa Riley

The Hurricane By Nicole Hart

Bully By Penelope Douglas (Re-read)

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