Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Genre: Romance
Author: Alexa Riley
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!

    This book was total perfection!! From beginning to end. So let me get my venting out of the way now....*Cough, Cough....Whyyyyy Alexa Riley do you ladies make us go through pain!?!?!...I need soo much more of your writing. Give me more than just a few chapters..Sigh......I seriously need help..lol I have become a loyal reader of insta love with these ladies!!..If their isn't any barbaric alpha and insta love then most of us would be questioning where's our crack hit?..lol

Liliana and Alexander are such great characters. Alexander as expected is rough and sexy and has the attitude of I get what I want and I ask questions later....I mean YES PLEASE!!! Our Liliana on the other hand is so innocent and just wonderful as a heroine. These two characters just completely gave me everything in this story. Anyway you look at it this book was just plain perfect. Hot, sexy, and ridiculously steamy! (Thank you for that ladies)

Overall this book is wonderful, a little short for my liking but then you will always hear me complain in my reviews on any Alexa Riley book. I'm just greedy like that ;)~ .Definitely a book to pick up reading Junkies....Enjoy Lovelies!!!

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