Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dirty English


Quote: “The moment that dragonfly landed on you, I knew you were going to rock my world.” 

Title: Dirty English
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Release Date: October 12, 2015
This book was deliciously good!!... Who knew English men can be so much fun!..The moment I heard this book was inspired by Pride and Prejudice I had to have this baby. Being that P&P has been one of my all-time favorite Novels since high school, no way I was going to let this baby pass me by without picking it up. In the beginning it was very hard to compare Elizabeth from P&P to the Elizabeth in this book. Even though I know that wasn't what the author wanted to do. But I guess us as readers ended up doing that because of the affiliation to Pride and Prejudice. To see Elizabeth the character  in the book be so different and so opposite than what I expected, or in the beginning she was. Very unattached and cold. I will sincerely say she was not very likeable. But as the book progressed on she evolved to this whole different person. And she really did become a character I loved looking forward to reading. Declan in the other hand...I mean what can I say about Declan, nothing but awesome things that's what. I Loooved!! him from the get go. He was funny, charismatic, and just straight lovable. The roll of such a Hero suit him so well. But most of all his character was consistent from beginning to end.  Both of them together were just plain wonderful. And I do have to add that this book had me hooked and entertained from chapter one till the end. And isn't that what we as readers really like?..Over all this book definitely gets 5 stars!!..And it was such a enjoyment to be able to read my first book by Ilsa Madden...Definitely a great book to pick up!!..Happy reading Kiddos!!!



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