Monday, October 5, 2015

Review ~ Bad Impressions


 Quote: She’s the one girl he never should’ve touched. But she’s also the one girl he’s never been able to forge....

Title: Bad Impressions
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Franca Storm
Release Date: October 6, 2015
I really do love you Franca Storm!!...This story was so cute and hot!...Brad and Sophie could have not been anymore perfect as characters and couple. Brad being a no relationship type of guy, walks away from Sophie the first time and when she returns emotions and feelings resurface that he thought he would not even have to bother with...Yes much of a surprise to him. And Sophie ahh yes my beloved Sophie, somehow I always end up having this great love for a character that goes through some kind of abuse...Love my Sophie <3 !!
So as I was saying, she comes back to the small town she left behind once and everyone in it. But of course those sneaky emotions resurface for her as well. Throughout the book you have 2 hard headed characters that go through anger and fear about what the other did and didn't do the first time around. The book in general is wonderful, the story somewhere in the middle does drag a little, very, very little but push through and you will thank me later that you did. Because you end up being able to finally see the interaction between these two wonderful characters completely grow and flourish together. Overall its a wonderful love story and I was very happy I was able to read this book before it even came out....Yes, the waiting always kills Enjoy Reading Junkies!!!


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