Monday, October 19, 2015

Forsaken Control

Quote: "I can't control it any longer. You're FUCKING MINE and im done waiting."   ~ARES

Title: Forsaken Control
Series: An Oath Keepers MC Novel
Author: Sapphire Knight
Release Date: Oct 8, 2015

WTH just happened?!?!...Once again, Holly Hell batman!!...This Book was freaking amazing. I have been sitting on this review a few days just to get my thoughts together to write a good review on it. I mean to do it Justice, But seems no matter what direction a take it I just can seem to. This book was just so different that other books I have read in the past on bikers. Good lord thank you Sapphire for all the delicious bits of hotness in this book. Ok im down playing it...lets try this again...... Thank you Sapphire for the chunks of  amazing hot interactions between these wonderful characters. The development on the characters and relationships are planned beautifully and perfect. And of course just a reminder that im that blogger that doesn't give much away. Always prefer to only give snippets of who and what the book is about and so on. True believer that its soo much better as a reader to find out what the book is about as you read. So as always breaking it down to a simple introduction...The book is about two bikers named Ares and Silas and Sila's Girl Avery. The triangle of pure love, possession, control and second chances for all of them. Will they let each others hearts and feelings lead them? Having a Mix POV is the best, you got to see what every character in this book is feeling and thinking about certain situations they went through. Bravo!. Sapphire Bravo!!... Epic story you have done for these 3 beautiful characters. To my reading Junkies I do recommend starting the series from the beginning. So like that you can see who is who in the story through out the book. A MUST READ!.....Happy Reading Kiddos!!

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