Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Until Jax

Title: Until Jax
Series: Until Him #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Date Release: Sept 29, 2015
Quote: I Would do it all again, Even the scary parts, as long as I knew Hope and I would have you in the end.
The Boom strikes again!!....Aurora has been able to bring such happiness in my reading life with all the Mayson Men. Now my next question is why do you make us suffer this way Aurora by making us wait till 2016 for the next addition....sigh!!.
For me to be such a loyal fan and reader of this series from the beginning is crazy. I have been with the Boom since "Until November" First book I ever read of Aurora. And since then I count down the days for the next book to come out, either from the series itself or the series that expanded from that one. 
I sat down to read this book and did not stop until I was done at 4:oo in the morning. It was just that good. Jax has to be the kindness Alpha I have read on in a long time. And every time you get your dose of the perfect Insta-Love its like feeling something new all over again. For example like this book that we all have come to love and enjoy reading on.
The story picks up were "Until July" left off. Which for some reason these kind of books that pick right were they left off are perfect or at least for me they are.  Ellie a single mother from the age of 19 puts Hope her daughter first and makes her the number one priority in her life and also when it comes to decision making. And let me add that Hope plays such a big part in the book. Her character alone won me over from the first few chapters. Jax Mayson is yet another great over protective Alpha that we get to add to the list of Book Boyfriends. But for some reason I got the sensitive side to Jax more than all of the other Mayson Men. As per usual the first time meeting is when he gets to feel the Boom. And its so awesome to read that part, Never gets old at all.  Such great chemistry and feel that Aurora can give to her novels. Over all this book is completely a 5 star!!..If I could give it more I surly would. This book gives a little of everything, and your emotions are complete mess when your done with the book. Thanks once again for another great treat and story line Aurora. And im definitely keeping my eyes out for the next book to come in the Mayson Family.

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