Friday, February 19, 2016

Title: All I Want
Series: Alabama Series #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: J.Daniels
Release Date: OUT NOW!!

Before anything I want to say that this review is a first time review second time re-read. But when it came out I never got around to doing a review so here you. I remember reading this series when it bearly came out and really loving it waaay to much, but I also remember not really being able to find my grove with one of the books in the series. So as I read this book I figured out what book it was. From the get go this book revolves with the hero (Luke) and heroine (Tessa) throwing hate bombs back and forth. Which to me is not a big deal really, I mean there has been many books written with the intention being that the main characters start of hating each other. But where my "But" comes in is these 2 characters suppose to love each other too.
Yea let me explain myself……They hate each other because they are in love with each other. I totally can see that working right? But both of them not just him are so immature and assholes…like get on your nerves assholes. They did nothing but fight, argue, fight, argue and fight some more……Sigh. Luke is too busy being a coward and such a Jerk for everything and Tessa instead of looking like she cared, she comes out looking clingy and so over the top with wanting to know everything about luke and his feelings. I wished somewhere in the middle of the book they could’ve resolved their childish differences and we could have seen the more cheerful lovable side of them, like Ben's and Mia. But instead we don't get to see the happy functional side of them as a couple until 90% in. For whatever reason this book to me felt that it dragged on somewhat, maybe it’s the way it was written. I do have to say that the highlight of this book has to be Nolan..Once again. He was so funny and charismatic and literally as a character stands all on his own, Loved him!!. 
So with all that being said…yes I did not find my groove with Tessa and Luke, but I will still be a loyal fan girl for the Alabama Summer Series and anything J. Daniels writes..100%!!! And I will re- read the last book out again which is (When I fall) book #3. And since I didn’t post up a review for that one either I’ll get that up once its done. All in all this book was not a big win for me but that doesn’t mean that another reader or loyal fan of J. Daniel might not like this one. What I... might not find my groove in im sure another reading junkie like me will. After all this series and book has nothing but great and wonderful reviews. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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