Monday, February 15, 2016

Title: Snow & Mistletoe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Alexa Riley
Release Date: OUT NOW!!

I think I'm completely on a roll with Alexa Riley's books. Another great cute read. Yes!, I said cute once again. But what I enjoyed so much about Snow and Mistle Toe was the whole twist of beauty and the beast tone in it. I mean its not completely written as B&B. But it does have small under tones of that wonderful story. And anything that's Beauty and the Beast inspired love story....Sign Me Up!!!
So Yes once again its a short story but its written so wonderfully that as I see myself getting closer to the end of the book, I start wishing it could be longer.....Your killing me Alexa Riley!!!...But I still love your books. (Faithfull Reader for sure!)
Short Rundown: The book is about Noelle and Alex. Both having a great fascination/ Obsession towards each other....But yet, not have met one another. Yup! all in the voice between these 2. Yea I know it sounds a little stretched out but, the way Alexa Riley writes her stories is just perfection. Bravo Alexa!! You have such a loyal reader here.
Wrap Up Verdict: Great Love story based on two people that haven't met one another. But fall deeply in love with each others voice and eventually each other. The cuteness between this two wonderful humble characters is just plane amazing to see unfold once they meet. Definitely a great recommendation to my reading Junkies.
Enjoy Kiddos!!

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