Friday, February 19, 2016

Title: Soulless                               Series: King #4                            Genre: Dark Romance                Author:T.M. Frazier                   Release Date:               February 23, 2016              

Holly Hell!!...What a finally this was of this great love story!. You know you are hooked when you go on a all night reading session without sleep to finish right through…F'n Amazing T.M Frazier!...And I think my whole review will have a million exclamation marks all over the place…lol
The book picks up where Lawless ended and takes you through an amazing rollercoaster of emotions. You don’t know if your crying or laughing and your probably get to a point in the book where your doing both at the same time, I know I did. Bear shows a side of him that just makes you do a double take to see if that's the same badass Bear you remember from the introduction of him in the other books. Love, Love that Frazier can always bring out the selfless, devoted man in all her characters. Thia on the other hand we also get to see a completely other side of her, a bad ass side!!. Which I completely enjoyed to read. She grows into her own and proves she can be that old lady he needs by his side...UGH!!!..Just completely out of this world stunning book.
 And word of advice don’t even try to figure out whats going to happen next because you will be dropped on your ass, just like I was a couple of times…The characters captivates you from chapter one. The story alone is so well developed and you literally get enraptured by T.M.Frazier's writing..I mean the Feels literally FEELS!!!!. Yes you will see that phrase in a lot of the reviews, But once you read the book you will see what we exactly mean. This story literally deserves more than just 5 stars ….Hang in there Reading Junkies just a few more days before you join the club of the FEELS!!

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