Thursday, February 25, 2016

                   Title: The Dark Light Of Day              
                  Genre: Dark Romance                         
                 Author: T.M. Frazier                          
  Release Date: OUT NOW!!

“We were just us, broken and bruised, fucked-up and messy, and together we were everything we never thought we could be.”

So a little truth session.....The first book I ever picked up of T.M Frazier was King. I didn’t even realize she had written “The Dark Light Of Day”. Yea I know!!... By the time I had gotten to Tyrant I officially was obsessed with her writing and books. It wasn’t until I was half way through Lawless that I found out about Jake's book, but I was so obsessed with our Bear that I had to put ”The Dark Light Of Day” on the back burner. So once I finished with Soulless which by the way is F’n Amazing, so if you haven’t gotten to that baby GET TO IT!...Having a need to get another fix of our Ginger's writing I picked up my last
So to make the story short I finally finished “The Dark Light Of Day” and I have fallen in love with not just Jake but also Abby. With the completion of the King Series so far I was always wondering who is this Bad Ass Jake they keept talking about throughout the books. And All I can say is that I totally deeply loved this book. The story was just completely devoured in one sitting by me. I do have to say that I was really blown away by Jakes character at times. When I read of him in the other books he always sounded so dark, and mean. But the Jake I read in his book was just so different. He was just so kindhearted, compassionate and just so loyal. I really didn’t get to see a lot of Jakes darkness and assoness side if that’s even a word…lol. He was just amazeballs …yes I said it!!!...
Abby in the other hand carries baggage and scares of her own. She takes her problems head on and tries to make the best of the cards life has dealt her.  When life brings them together the healing and love begins. There was a WTF moment somewhere in the middle where I hated were the book was heading. But I took it like a champ and continued on, I was so glad I push through that small bump. Holy hell I loved it!!!....How did I wait so long to read this gem I have no idea. I totally was missing out on Sexy, hot JAKE!!!
Overall this book will have you hooked from beginning till end. The characters are great and so enjoyable to see them unravel and grow together through their ups and downs. You will get very emotionally invested that you will love everything about the whole story and book. Definitely a book that will get re-read eventually…Happy Reading Kiddo!!!  

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