Monday, February 29, 2016

Tittle: Curvy
Genre: C/ Romance
Author: Alexa Riley
Release Date: March1, 2016


I mean you could never go wrong with any books by Alexa Riley!...Let me get it out of the way now since it is what bothers me the most about these beautiful damn books. Every time I start a new book I wish that the book this time around can surprise me and be a tee wee Yes that would be my only complain about Alexa Riley’s books. Other than that these books are GOLD! I tell ya! They have become my kryptonite and my fix all at the same time. I love everything about them, their over the top hotness. Their insta love and hotness….oh did I mention their hotness?? 

And this latest addition does not disappoint. I was hooked from chapter one, no surprise there of course. You have a curvy sexy full figure model that catches the attention of a hot possessive alpha (Flynn). The relationship between these two is so wonderful to see. Love how the authors are able to get a story from nothing to a high 10 and over the top in every relationship their dirty little minds come up with. And I think just overall this book totally got my attention by them using a plus size woman that’s not just a sweet naïve girl but is also comfortable with her body. Love reading that about Cali…Get It Girl!!!
Overall this book was amazing and just delish to Yes I said Delish. ;) I will always love AR smutty stories. Just knowing that there is more books on the works make me such happy camper!....So give us more ladies. I will always be a true hardcore fan of your writing and this wonderful Smutty world you have familiarized me to. Definitely a 5+ stars!!..Happy Reading Kiddos!


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