Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tittle: Sweet Jane
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: K. Webster
Release Date: May 31, 2016

Nadia Jayne’s world is full of villains.

Kasper thinks he hates her.
Donovan thinks he loves her.
Logan thinks he owns her.

Sweet Jayne is a complicated girl…

She needs Kasper.
She hides from Donovan.
She has a plan for Logan.

But maybe complicated Jayne isn’t so sweet after all…
In fact, she might just be the biggest villain of them all.

WARNING: Story contains dark taboo themes and violence both sexual and physical which could trigger emotional distress in reader.


I mean come on now with this book!!..Can this book be anymore Twisted?...This is the mega rollercoaster of all Mind Fucks!!I loved pretty much everything from start to finish. It was like a big puzzle box with 1000 pieces in it to put together. Trying to figure out were every damn piece goes...This whole book  was exciting, dark, and just completely different than what I had read from k. Webster. Keep in mind that the last book/ Series I read from hers is Alpha and Omega. Yea, yea I know...Were the hell have I been. So when I got this baby I was soo excited when I read the Blurb. And Holy hell was it different. Bravo K. Webster...BRAVO!!!!
Once again this book is the kind that will have you yelling at your poor kindle. Jayne was secretive and frustrating and fooled everyone till the very end. Sweet Jayne was not just Sweet but smart. This genius mastermind is one of the best characters I have read in a long time. Dark Books like this makes me wonder how these brilliant authors get their ideas and inspiration from. This will definitely be a book that will be part of my re-reads collection on my shelf. Definitely a 5+ star book, prepare yourself for a story that is full of twist and big surprises that come out of left field!!..Enjoy Reading Junkies!!!!

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