Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tittle: Toward The Sound Of Chaos
Genre: Military Romance
Author: Carmen Jenner
Release Date: May 18, 2016

Well what is there to say about this book, but heartbreaking. You have to appreciate an author that really puts time and does a lot of research into creating a story. A story that hits home for a lot of us readers. Bravo Carmen!...you should be very proud right now of your baby <3 

As I started the book I knew it was a military related, and if anybody knows me they know that its really hard for me to even finish a book that's anything military. Not because its not good, but because sometimes the military part is sooo waay off that I just end up closing the book. Nothing against the wonderful authors, but because me being a military wife and mom some of the stuff that's written in does not even come as close as to how it really is. And this book really hit everything right on the head. Something that's appreciated as a reader and as someone that knows first hand what our Military families go through. 

This book is completely amazing and heartbreaking all wrapped up in one. More heartbreaking than anything...Not sure how I finished my small box of Kleenex, but it happened. Jake Tucker a Marine that has been deployed 4 times to Afghanistan and returns with demons of his own. His trusted dog Nuke is the only thing he holds close because sometimes he doesn't even trust his own shadow. His night and days consist of routines and checklists he repeats to himself. The life of a man suffering with PTSD......

Ellie and Spencer Mason bring so much light into this book. And I soo enjoy this about them. Ellie a strong mother that even thought she is put through a ringer in he own life, she holds the strength that we all know we have but sometimes use a fraction of it in our own life's. Having a child with disabilities is not easy. But through it all she is able to see life with so much optimism, that its something I completely loved about her.

As these characters come together in the story you start to see a shift in each and everyone of them. That's one of the things I have always enjoyed about Carmen Jenner's writing. The characters can be completely opposite and yet she finds away to blend them together so effortless. 

I could keep going on about this wonderful book but I rather you as a reader go into it with not much assumption. Plus I feel that whatever I might say about Carmen or the book it would not be able to give it the praise it deserves.....Thank you for such an incredible story Carmen Jenner <3 

Definitely more than just a 5 star review, But since its all it goes....Well that would have to do. Up there with my best recommendation books!!.....Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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