Monday, May 23, 2016

Tittle: Finding Snow          
Series: Fairy Tale Shifter #4
 Genre: Fantasy Paranormal
Author: Alexa Riley                
Release Date: May 25, 2016

Koda's found his sister, Winnie, and now he's made a life for himself in Gray Ridge, Colorado. As a bear shifter, he's naturally a loner, and with so few females around, he's resigned to never finding his mate. But when he stumbles upon a woman in the woods, his whole world changes.

Snow's been on the run and has made a makeshift family with a band of seven wanderers. While resting in the woods and waiting for them to come back, something big finds her.

When Koda and Snow collide, they realize their stories are woven together more tightly than they could have imagined. Will the truth break their mates bond? Or will it bind them closer together?

Well I have gotten my next fix on my smut. And it was amazing to the very end. I re-read the whole series before this baby came out and I'm so glad I did. The whole series so far has been amazing and breath taking. I'm not quite sure the reason that I really, really enjoyed this one even more. Maybe it was the whole snow, winter season that made it have such a romantic feel to it. And the couple in this love story are so cute..sigh!....Winnie's brother Koda is another Shifter/Alpha in the town of Gray Ridge. But instead of a wolf he is a gorgeous bear. Still carrying scars from his experience of being caged up by humans his connection with Snow is instant. While still feeling a little apprehensive since she is a human herself. But once the full moon is in place their chemistry is amazing to read about and I enjoy the great love story. The whole relationship between them and the pack I'm obsessed over. Maybe because this has been my first shifter Series. And now I cant wait till the next book in the series is released....
Over all its completely, wonderfully done, and sexy as hell from the get go. Keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes of there being another addition to this series. So enjoy the great ride Reading Junkies!!..Definitely a 5+ Stars!!!

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