Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tittle: The Hurricane
Genre: Romance
Author: Nicole Hart
Release Date: June 1, 2016

I'm Natalie Taylor.
First and foremost, I'm a mother. My job is to protect her. That's what a mom does. For so long, it's only been the two of us. But then he walked back into my life and turned it upside down. I let him in. I let my guard down. I didn't just let it down, I let him shatter it. Hoping every second he didn't shatter me.
I'm Ryker Hamilton.
I spent years of my life fighting. Fighting for fun. Fighting for pride. Fighting for domination. But those days are over. I'm not proud of my past, that's why I've done everything to leave it behind. But my roots run deep. Whether I like it or not, it's who I am. I'm The Hurricane.

Well Nicole Hart has officially just topped her last book. And let me tell you her last book was just as amazing as this one. I completely loved this book. I loved the story, characters, and everything in between. The story was fresh and charismatic all the way through. Ryker is one of those characters that you keep longing for waaay after the story is over. You know thee famous book boyfriends that we all keep claiming...Yup!! that's our Ryker Hamilton. Got to love those second chance stories, they are so gooey delicious.
Natalie Taylor is such  a straightforward, over protective mom with whom most of us reader can and will identify with, really enjoyed her sassy character. I do have to say that the best part of the book for me has to be little Brooklyn. She is adorable and quirky and just plain cute. She brings the story to life and will definitely be one of the things that will hold a readers attention from beginning to end.
Over all Nicole has given us another great read that after reading it will have you wishing that hopefully there will be book 2 with Cain being our main Character. Definitely a 5+ Star Read....Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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