Monday, May 2, 2016

Tittle: Black
Genre: Romance
Author: Aria Cole
Release Date: May 8, 2016

Oh Elle and Maxwell...My Modern day Beauty and the Beast. I can truly say that I completely enjoyed this story/ book.

The story as I said is about Elle and Maxwell. Elle a girl running from a past and looking for a job applies for a job at Maxwell's Library. From the beginning they have the famous insta love. Which makes the story even more complicated. Both characters carry their own dark baggage. One carrying physical and the other emotional. And lets not forget all the damn secrets, Eeek!!..Got to Love it!! Their connection is just amazing to read and I totally enjoyed reading it!...The characters are developed and written in soo well. A small "but" in all this...I would have liked to see the chemistry between the two characters have a more smooth sailing...Sometimes it felt completely out of sync...Nothing that cannot be over looked, maybe not even noticeable for some readers...But being that I am such a die hard Fan of fairy tails and Insta Love, well I can help myself...You say Fairy Tales, I go in with super high expectations.
Definitely this book has everything that will keep you interested. Overall for being a debut novel for this author the book turned-out amazing!!..And I definitely do recommend it to all my reading Junkies and Fairy Tale lovers at heart!!

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