Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Wrap Up

Hey Kiddos as you can see im running a bit late on posting my reading wrap up for the month of July. But here it is, had a very good reading month. Great, great books! That I was lucky enough to read. So thank you to all the authors that were able to make that happen. Also as you can see there was a few New Releases this month that I was able to get my greedy little hands on...lol. If im not mistaken I am up to date with all the reviews for all of these wonderful books, except Deviant. So please feel free to look them up and read them. Hopefully everyone had a great month of reading. Here's to another month coming up!!....Happy Reading My Reading Junkies!! <3

Out Of Time By Beth Flynn: 5 Stars
Stone Cold Bad By Tess Oliver: 4 Stars
Chained By Jaimie Roberts: 3 Stars
Omega & Love By K. Webster: 5 Stars
Darkness Lurkes By J.L Drake: 4 Stars
Player By Joanna Blake: 4 Stars
Cowboy Redemption 6 By Kasey Millstead: 4 Stars
Deviant By Calle Hart: Continuing to read the series....Complete review to come
Fight For Her By JJ. Knight: 4.5 Stars
Sacrifice By Adriana Locke: 5 Stars
Fighting To Breath By Aurora Rose Reynolds: 4 Stars
Heart Of Stone BY Tess Oliver: 4 stars

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