Monday, August 10, 2015

Ready To Love By Franca Storm


Title: Ready To Love
Author: Franca Storm
Genre: Romance
Release Date: Aug 10, 2015

Ok so I was struggling a little to find my footing with this book. Yes I know I did gave it 4 stars. But the beginning was what I was struggling with. To like or even find some of these characters relatable. So before I go on to explain why I gave it that rating. Let me give you a breakdown of the characters. First we have Nicki, a girl that has gone through a dramatic experience and now because of it she can burly be touched by anyone. We also have john the lead singer of a band and best friend of Nicki. Each as independent characters I really loved. He is alpha, be in charge, take control kind of guy. Which usually in books I find totally attractive. She is more the sweet quiet keep to herself kind of girl. And because of her past experience she becomes more of a introvert person than anything. Now my small issue that had me wanting to throw my Kindle across the Nicki's character around John was so frustrating. I felt she would let him man handle her waaay to much. Like she was that weak not to be able to stand up or even speak for herself. Very frustrating...But, it comes....Somewhere in the middle like 55%  the characters start to find their groove I guess you can say. It was wonderful the way the characters interaction just started flowing with one another...It was Amazing!!...In the end the book had me very hooked. Love the way Nicki came to her own just blossomed completely. She was assertive and brave more than anything. And john, Well he was just john throughout the book. But for some reason there was more of a likable aspect once he let Nicki just stand on her own two feet. Overall I can say that im glad I hung in there until the end. It would have really been a shame to miss how these characters became so well developed in the end. I totally recommend this book, Hang in there if and when your ready to just DNF it. You will be glad that you stuck in there to find out the ending....Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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