Monday, August 17, 2015

Tyrant By T.M. Frazier


Quote:  I'm not afraid of him anymore. The only thing I fear, is loosing him.
                                    Tyrant- T.M. Frazier

Title: Tyrant
Author: T.M. Frazier
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date:  Aug 17, 2015

All it took for me to literally countdown the days for Tyrant to come out was getting my first taste of King in Book 1. This is one of those books or series that keep you counting days and hoping you get some kind of teaser from the author. Umm can someone say Obsessed??...Yea I totally was. And even still have a huge book hangover.  I loved that the book starts off where King Book 1 left off. Being that it left us with such a crazy twisted cliffhanger, that literally had me throwing my kindle across the room, and helping plan Kings Revenge on T.M. Frazier is able to write something for her readers and have them completely invested in her books. At least that's the way she's had me in this series. Once again I will try not to give out to much of the actual story. Because I always think as a reader is so much better to read something and get fully invested without knowing where the story will take you. But what I will say is that we still get our Alpha King that we love so much and our beloved Pup, and their interaction is just Amazing to read, the way their love story blooms in this book has to be the highlight of the whole book for me. Just because we see Pup come more into her own.  We still get our charismatic hard core characters that come and go. And we even get treated to a few new ones, that in the end we end up hating that we love them so much. But all in all we still get that wonderful heart pounding twist and action that we got in Book 1 (King). Plus lets not forget the surprised twists that our wonderful Mrs. Frazier had in stored for us...I'm sorry but this book is completely to F'n Die for!!...Oh and yes I will not forget to add that its still or maybe even more hot than the last one...Thank you for that T.M. Frazier!!!(Clapping). Now To know that Bear Story (Lawless) will be coming to life in the near Future just has me jumping in place, and chanting Bears name over and Totally recommend everyone to continue with book 2 (Tyrant). And for anyone who has not yet read or started this series...What!, and Why? totally must, you will thank me later, I promise!. So enjoy it My Reading Junkies!!

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