Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Watching Fireflies By Jaycee Ford


Quote: I opened my eyes to hers and I couldn't help but smile. I was in love with this beautiful woman.

Title: Watching Fireflies
Series: Love Bug Series #1
Author: Jaycee Ford
Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 19,2015

When I first read this book I had given it 3 stars. But before I wrote my review I kind of stepped back a moment and let the book simmer in my head for a little while. Because I really do hate given books such low ratings. So after a few days I have reached my decision that I would give it 4 stars instead of 3. But before I get into why I changed my rating let me tell you a little about the book and why I gave it such a low rating to begin with. So the book had a great start, I mean a really great start!...It had me from chapter one, the opening chapter was what grabs you. Jordan Hawthorn a girl finishing her schooling and ready to return to her home to get married to the love of her life. But with life always having little surprises that end up turning everything you were looking forward to upside down. She ends up moving away from her home, best friend, and her controlling fiancé. To the mountains of Blue Ridge were she tries to make a new beginning for her self. Until she has a surprising encounter with a small town cowboy named Tom McCloud. And when I say surprising, It's because im using that term (Wink, Wink). So their attraction is     Insta!..Way to insta for my liking. I would had preferred for the relationship to be a little more developed. Just so we can feel more of a connection with the main characters. But that is just my preference in a book when I read a love story. From 30% and on I felt the book a little too rushed for my liking. But after I thought about it maybe the fact that it was a fast short book, sometimes a lot has to be squeezed in to make it work. Like I said before it had a great beginning and even through out the book there was instances that had so much suspense. That really in the end is what made me want to finish the book. I wanted to know what would happen in the story, with the characters and in general. So that's why I  change my review score from 3 to more of a 4.  Because this book and story does grab you and keeps you wanting more. It really just came down for me on the relationships in the book. I actually would even be looking forward to the back story characters which would be Jordan's new friend in the small town Ellie and Toms childhood friend Paul. I could even say that im looking forward on continuing the series with the next book (Dragonfly Awakening #2). I always looked forward on reading about Paul and Ellie through out the book. So over all the book is a great Southern love story. With a great start and ending. So it maybe a little to rushed for my liking, but that doesn't mean that the next person would not enjoy it. So Enjoy My Reading Junkies!!!

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