Thursday, August 13, 2015

Secrets By Sapphire Knight


Quote: "What Do you Know about the Russkaya Mafia Kpacota, huh? Does it scare you to know im Mafia?".....

Title: Secrets (Russkaya Mafiya #1)
Author: Sapphire Knight
Genre: Romance
Release Date: March 11, 2015

I knew that this year I was definitely going to have some re-reads, just because I like to have a series fresh in my mind when the new addition of it comes out. So far this is my second re-read, and im so happy I went with this series and author. This book has everything in it, totally amazing!!. I mean just having my tatted alpha males does it for But to also have a well written story is definitely a bonus. Our book is opened up by Emily. A abused conflicted girl that is trying her hardest to hold on to something that is irreparable with her abusive boyfriend. Her character is so heartbreaking to sometimes read and through out the book you can't  help and cheer her on when it comes to her happy ending. We also have Tate AKA: Luka. A man that from the outside looks like just any college guy, that you probably would even confuse for an exchange student. But that turns out to have a lot of power on his hands.
We also get a bonus treat from our Tate. He comes with a Russian Accent, Yup my reading junkies we get the real sexy shit going on Mr. Tate is nothing but a ball of Russian hotness!!! And once they both meet they feel instant attraction toward each other. What I really liked about this story is that it keeps you guessing and I love watching how the characters evolve and mature within each other. As the story progresses you as a reader get to see the characters blossom with what they are experiencing at the time. Besides Emily and Tate we also get to meet a few great charismatic characters. And together they make this book a great, great read!!...It will definitely have you tuning page after page, plus it has such unexpected surprises that in the beginning of the book you would never think that those unexpected twist await you. I always try when I make a review that I don't give a lot out. Just so the reader can have a full experience on figuring out the story as they read it. This is Knights first debut novel, And I could literally say she did such a wonderful job with the story and the characters. Kudos! to you Sapphire. And keep bringing us more of our beloved tatted Alpha men :). The next book in the series is "EXPOSED" and of course im going to re-read that one. Great book and story line, totally recommend this wonderful book to all my reading junkies. Happy Reading Kiddos!!! (F.Y.I  I really did score this book more of a 4.5)

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