Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lukas By Carian Cole


Quote: Some Things in life, You just can't do over. They're meant to be permanent, weather they are what we expected or not. Doesn't mean they're a mistake.

Title: Lukas (Ashes & Embers#3)
Author:Carian Cole
Genre: Romance
Release Date: July 30th, 2015

Omg!! Can this woman write anything bad at all?!!...I mean book after book its practically a hit out the park. Bravo!! Carian Bravo!!..To say this book was good is not enough. It was absolutely Amazing!!.....The opening chapter alone was heartbreaking and shocking. In a good way of course. How she is able to write a book and have you completely stuck to it from page one is incredible. When I first picked up this series I thought nothing of it and expected really nothing out of the ordinary of what a series can give you. But boy was I wrong in every level and aspect. She offers way more to her readers. She makes us feel a rollercoaster of emotions that is wonderful to see and find in an author. So thank you for that Carian. Now for our characters, this book is about Ivy a 36 year old mother of 2, Going through a divorce and a heartbreak. I don't want to give out to much of the story so I will keep the story line brief. We also have our beloved Lukas. Yes my reading Junkies this boy definitely needs to be added to your book boyfriend List. Lukas is a 24 year old, that owns his own tattoo studio with his brother Vandal. And im sure everyone remembers our Vandal from book2 in the series. The day that Ivy and Lukas meet they have instant connection between each other. We also get to read Ivy and Lukas POV, how awesome is that!?! Overall we get to see more of our fascinating characters that have been with us readers from the beginning in STORM. I love that she is able to give us the new set of characters and their story while still going through the same integral story in the background. We see the happy moments and the sad moments of the other band members. But this time we get to see it from a different perspective, and its wonderful. We get to see what emotion the other characters go through.  This story is definitely waaay more than 5 stars. And should be read by everyone who loves their tattooed Alpha males as much as I do. But in general loves a good love story of forgiveness. And keep your eyes open cause we have our "Talon" Book4 on the way. Happy Reading Kiddos!! 

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