Monday, November 23, 2015

(5+ STARS)

Quote:  He was right when he said that it took two IMPERFECT souls to form PERFECTION together.

Title: Perfectly Imperfect
Genre: Romance
Author: Harper Sloan
Release Date: November 17, 2015
F'n Amazing Book!!!...This literally has to be in the list of one of thee best books read this year!. There literally has been a handful of books this year that I can say are able to give us great characters, great story, and still include such a great positive message through it all. Although I have to be honest and say that this has been my first book of Harper that I have picked up. And now im asking my self why have I not ever picked up any of her books?. From the first pages we get such a great opening to the whole book, I was in full blown tears. Of course I wont say too much. But the first few pages, the book had me balling my eyes out. Its funny how sometimes your able to find yourself literally in a book. Harper was practically able to write about my story without meeting me. Yea I know, kind of scary really.....But through it all this book was able to bring back so many different emotions that I once felt in my own personal life. And also answer the mighty old question that I really wasn't alone.The characters are beautifully written in, Willow has to be my favorite character of them all. The way Harper was able to unfold her character and give us a perfect development on her growth and maturity and just her capability of being strong. From having her hate the way she looked to growing to love everything about her was such a beautiful part in the book to read. To see her have no confidence to have all the confidence in the world by having somebody in her life that would just give her what she mostly needed "LOVE". And that's were we have Sr. Kane Masters pop in the picture. He is able to come in her life and give her that little push of confidence she so much needed. Both of them together are wonderful. Yes the back and forth struggle is there but once both characters find their footing together, your able to see them grow together. And specially Willow, she blossoms like a beautiful flower should. As you can see im trying my hardest to not give any spoilers away. Definitely a book, a reader should go in and just read with  no idea of what it is about. Overall the book was beautifully written and so very worth the wait. Bravo Harper Sloan!!..Thank you for giving many of us if not all, a book that is truly relatable with so many readers. Prepare yourself to feel a rollercoaster of emotions that will bring feelings you probably hadn't felt in a long time. Happy reading Kiddos!!!
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