Monday, November 2, 2015

Quote: "Watch the Wrath Unfold"
Title: The Wrath Of Cain
Genre: Romance
Author: Kathy Coopmans
Release Date: Oct 27, 2015

So much to say about this book. But I do want to start up by saying that this has been the first book of Kathy Coopmans I have ever read. I did enjoy it very much. There was something's in the book that got the best of my nerves, but before I start getting all into this review let me give you a short run down of the book. The book is about Calla and Cain. Met in high school and marry against everyone's objections with their relationship. But on their wedding day Cain does something unforgivable and Calla gets in her car and keeps driving far, far away from everyone. So from there on the book is full of unexpected surprises and its a non- stop Train of revealing secrets from all parties involved. The book was very good, I enjoyed it from start to finish. Like I said there was a few parts that I was literally screaming whyyyy!!!!, But seriously Whyyy!!..My nerves were completely over worked with this book. In a very good way....The book just never stopped giving shocks and surprises left and right. I mean I was burly getting over one when the next chapter left you the same or even worst..."Its the book that gives on Giving" Great book, totally worth getting my nerves worked up every five minutes. There was some parts of the book and story that were a little questionable, stuff that just made me questioned Cain's decision making. I was having full conversation out loud with Mr. Cain. But over all it was a great book...And the best part of how it ended we might have a second book in what will become a wonderful, amazing series to look forward too....SOooo Kathy, Make this happen!! ;) Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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