Wednesday, November 18, 2015

(More of a 3.5)
  Quote: I love the feel of her, I love the smell of her, I love the taste of her. She is everything to me.

Title: I am Atlas
Genre: Romance
Author: Ella Emerson
Release Date: November 20, 2015

I loved a lot of things about this book. The characters were complex and developed beautifully. I have always loved a good story that has a character coming from rags to riches. And that is what Ella gives us with Atlas. I love hearing the back story of every character. I do wished we would of had the same from Gwen. We really don't get much on her back story, but with that being said it doesn't really take anything away from her character. I do really have to point out that the chemistry and hot moments between Atlas and Gwen are just that...F'n Hot!!..And the relationship development between them is just done perfectly. There was moments were I swear I had the book and story figured out, and just like that I was surprised by a whole other twist added to the story....There was a few moments of WTH happened!?!?!...Enough to at least keep me pushing on to go to the next chapter to find out. And so that was the routing of how I read the book....pushing on to figure out all these danm twist in the story. But with all this said I was hoping the book would have been able to unfold a story for me that I would not have to push through to finish. Over all the book and story were very good, but I just couldn't get myself completely invested for some reason. But like I always say what one reader might not find her groove in with a book, another one surely will. Happy Reading Kiddos!!


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