Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cover Reveal: Compulsion!
Title: Compulsion
Authors: R. Holmes / Lillian Bryant
Genre: Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2015

I’m a beacon for every fucked up guy within a hundred mile radius. What’s even more fucked up? I like it. I use them just as they use me. I don’t want serious, I don’t want long term and I sure as shit don’t want your “commitment.” I live my life simply and I live my life for me. I like not having to answer to anyone but myself.
Until him.
It’s just takes one time, to ruin it all. For everything to come crashing down around us. He was worth that chance. He was worth every repercussion. Every fucking time, he was worth it.
My life is a sequence of perfectly orchestrated events.  Nothing gets in my way of a job well done, healing is my life, and at the end of the day… it's just me. I'm responsible for my own destiny.
Until her. 
She is the temptation I never wanted… the one thing that could ruin everything I've built… the scary part…  I can't help but let her.
This is a story of how two people come together and set a fire to everything they touch. A burning blaze of frenzied kisses, stolen moments and a love so consuming it could burn down cities. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t perfect but it’s real.
Be careful what you wish for.
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