Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quote: Sometimes what we think want, isn't even close to what we really need.

Tittle: Talon # 4
Series: Ashes & Embers
Genre: Romance
Author: Carian Cole
Release Date: Out Now!!
And Carian Cole does it again!....Amazing Carian just plain Amazing!!....I have been so excited for this book to come out. Have been completely obsessed with every character in this rock band. From book one I was captured with storm story, and from there on with everyone else in this series. But if Im being honest I think Talon has become thee one for He literally has taken over in this book and series. His so different than the other band members. Funny, charismatic and just so easy to love.  Both Asia and Talon become so tired of the same relationship disappointments and games that they both decide to sign up for a experimental study on relationships. Now how can this kind of story work, Well that's how awesome Carian is. She is able to take something so different and maybe even complicated and give us such a wonderful story of love and second chances for 2 people who think that relationships and love was not dealt in their cards. But the fun starts when Asia And Talon get somebody they never asked for.......They get each other. And as you read the story you will see from the get go that they could not be anymore different. They even come different sides of the track. He comes from a cozy life while she has had to work and fight for everything she has. The whole concept of this story is so different and written so perfectly for these characters. Now I do have to say that we also get Dual POV and that's a plus in my book. I have said it in my other reviews from this series that Carian is always able to give us a clear picture of what the characters are feeling in every situation and book. This Series just gets better with every story added to these wonderful characters and I can literally keep going on and on about it, But as a reader and a big fan of Ashes & Embers you have to pick up this series and read to know what we as fans and loyal readers are talking about. Definitely recommend this Book!!!


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