Saturday, November 7, 2015


Quote:  "A heart that loves no one. A heart im starting to fall for. A heart im beginning to trust."

Title: Beaten
Series: Beaten #1
Genre: Romance
Author: Rebekah Rue
Release Date: November 21, 2015

Wow what a wonderful book!...I have to say for being a debut novel it was just perfect...Bravo!, Rebekah Bravo!!. From the beginning this book grabs you. I cannot say I love one character more than the other. I fell in love with all of them. And it would not be fair to choose because the characters are so well developed and weaved in to the story perfectly. I literally loved the intensity that sometimes the book offered and the emotions that this story opened you up to feel. The beginning of the book opens up with Heath and Lo a friendship turned into something more. But as life would have it, it throws Lo into a loop of unexpected events that change her life forever. And as the books goes on we have a new set of characters that are introduced to us and that take this wonderful book to a whole new other level. Such a different read than what we usually get from a book. So thank you for that Rebekah! :)...Over all the book is written wonderfully and it holds your attention from the start. I do have to say that there was moments in the story that it got somewhat frustrating for me, but a good frustrating. The kind were you want to step into the book and fix everything and Totally recommend this book. And Congratulations to this new author and its baby!!! Definitely will be added to my list of favorite authors..Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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