Saturday, November 14, 2015


Quote: "You Are....For Me?"

Title: Reap #2
Series: Scared Souls Series #2
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Tillie Colt
Release Date: November 10, 2015

I mean what other way is there to start this review but with those famous words by Zaal..... Tillie has done it again!..But should we expect any different from our favorite Author. If Raze wasn't able to tear your emotions into pieces and make you have a total emotional breakdown, believe me when I say that this book will. And if not, it will at least leave you with the biggest Book Hangover you have ever This book is written in dual POV, and I soo love that about the book. We get to see the emotions that both characters go through at the time and it makes the book an even better read. This wonderful story is about Zaal and Talia. Both from 2 different families that have had a long history of bad blood and bitterness towards each other. But from the moment Talia lays her eyes on Zaal the interest and appeal is there instantly. Im trying my hardest to not give out too much since I know that a lot of Tillie fans have not gotten to this book yet sooo, I promise I will keep it short and sweet.
From the start Talia has to struggle with what she is feeling for Zaal. Their relationship and attraction is so captivating and heart wrenching to read. That you want so bad to be able to fix things between them. Because as a reader, or at least for me I wanted them to be able to have their HEA. The book will have your face stuck to every page until the very end. As it should be...Right!?!?...Throughout the book you will have a lot of questions that will somehow make you find patience to wait for those answers. But oh how sweet it is when those answers start coming in. And the ending WOW!!..Just WOW!!...Now that part is where the Gasping kicks in. Oh and the double take, to see if what you just read is really happening...So get ready Reading Junkies for one of the best reads from our Queen Tillie!!...So very worth the wait <3
Happy reading Kiddos!!! #ReapWhatYouSow

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