Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Quote: I understand how love works, But sometimes you have to rewrite the rules.

Title: Crush#2
Series: The Tainted Love Duet #2
Author: Kim Karr
Release Date: November 16, 2015

Well I do have to start this review by saying that I enjoyed Crush book #2 so much more than Blow book #1. Crush of course starts off where Blow left off. This book gets you on a rollercoasters of emotions and questions that you can't seem to take control until the very end of the book. The chemistry between Logan and Elle seriously is out of control in this book. Amazingly done!! Kim Karr's writing is wonderful and unique in the aspect that she is able to write down exactly what she wants you to place in your head and vision everything perfectly from the story. And the suspense!, I mean wow!! The suspense alone is to die for!..Its practically one wave after another of nothing but drama and mystery. Kim Karr has literally picked me up from the dragging slope I was in from book #1 in this series. The only small "but" that I had in the book is that I wished she would have given us more of this story from the beginning. And what I mean is in the beginning of Crush the author kind off gives us a run down of book 1. So yea I could have been fine with out that. Other than that this book was very good, Totally recommend this read!!....But definitely you need to read Blow to Read Crush. If not you will probably be a lost puppy. Happy Reading Kiddos!!

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