Friday, September 11, 2015

Review- Bastard By J.L. Perry


Quote: My name is Carter Reynolds. I was born a bastard and I’ll die a bastard.

Title: Bastard
Author: J.L. Perry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 14, 2015

This book was amazing!!...The story the characters where so well written and if a book is able to keep my attention 100% its a go!. This was the first book I have read of J.L.Perry and I have to say where have I been??..Under a rock?...Love, Love this book. So let me give you the short rundown on the book. Once again  for people that follow my blog and have read my reviews I usually don't like giving out too much of the story. Just because im a true believer that its so much better to read a book and find out as you go where the story is heading. But with that being said, I will give you the short version. Here we go:

The book is based on two wonderfully written characters. Carter a misguided tortured soul that truly believes he is what he heard someone called him once as a child. From that point on he molds his life to get us to feeling rejection and feeling not worthy enough to be happy. We also have Indiana who just like Carter is raised by a single parent household. But unlike Carter her view of life is with hope and smiles. That, even on their first encounter she is more than happy to approach him with a grand welcome to the neighborhood smile. Such different personalities and views of the world are bound to collide and that is what happened that first day. The book is written more as a long life journey that makes them go through the ringer to get to their happy place together. And going through their journey together is what has its moments of frustrating, love, and hysterical situations. The book is also written as dual POV which of course is my kind of book. This book and story it totally worthy of its 5 stars. Its not just a love story of teenage kids, but a life story that keeps the reader interested right through. Do keep in mind that even though its starts with them in high school its written more with mature writing. So yea this is not your regular high school puppy love story, Its just perfect!.

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