Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review Of Switch By Jennifer Ryder


 Title: Switch
Series: Spark #5
Author: Jennifer Ryder
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 2o, 2015

 Well before I start this review I do want to say that this as you can see is part of a series and this would be Book 5 in it. But, even though its part of a series it made no difference to me. I know some readers prefer to read through all the books in order, but I was glad I went ahead and read this book. It was hilarious all on its own. Rocco's and Sophie's story is one full of emotional turmoil. Each with their own set of baggage that try to move on with life the best way the seem to know how. But as the book goes on you see how the dislike and even maybe hate blossoms into a wonderful friendship that turns into more. The story and writing is done beautifully. And you see how these characters develop through out the story. I started this book with a lot of excitement since I had heard such wonderful things about Jennifer's writing and books. That to see Rocco and Sophie's story end was such a disappointment for me. I enjoyed this book so much and totally will read every book in this series. I mean if every book is written this wonderfully of course I will get to know every character. I totally recommend this book, and in my personal opinion it could even be read without reading the first 4. Although if you prefer to get to know the other characters that pop in throughout the book start with book #1 (Spark). Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

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