Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: Tank


Quote:  I'll be a sentinel against her pain, her fear, her sadness, forever if I have to be. If she'll let me.   ~TANK

Title: Tank
Series: Savage Saints MC
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Carmen Jenner
Release Date: Sept 24, 2015

Oh Good Lord with this Book!!....I mean Carmen has hit out the park once again...I didn't think that this series could honestly get any more darker or grittier for that matter. But WOW! was I wrong. But unlike Kick, Tank felt more of a heart breaking story to me. Which probably doesn't make sense since both books have such similar stories in regards of the abuse they went through as children. Throughout the book it was a easy flow since im getting us to Carmen's type of dark writing . But somewhere at 60% I literally had to step back from the book. It got so uncomfortable and so, im not even sure what the proper way of explaining what this wonderful book made me feel. I thoroughly enjoyed it that's for sure. 

This story was about Tank and Ivy and of course you also have your MC brothers throughout the book. Tank is such a loyal soul to everyone and I feel he was such a fixer for everything and everyone in this book. While he still had gone through his own story of abuse at a young age, his way of dealing with things in life was soo much different than Kick. He was a hard to break S.O.B that would never let anything or anyone make him seem week or feel the desperation he had felt as a child. His own Weakness showing through was his worst enemy and he avoided that at all cost. Except when it came to Ivy. Don't want to give too much away, but you will see what I mean.

Ivy in the other hand is the person I want to hug and fix so badly. Everything she said and did in the book was just so out there in the sense that from the child abuse to her present life it was just to heartbreaking to read. Out of everything in the book her story was the most frustrating and hard to swallow. As you read her story and really understand what is it that she has gone through as a child. You literally start to care about her, you can't even come to blame her for the way she turned out..A druggie that prefers to be strung out 24/7 so she can forget. Both of them together is such an amazing thing to see. Because even though she is so far gone at first you get to really see the connection growing between them. Not just attraction she gets to see the side that Tank does not show anyone. And its amazing their growth throughout the book. Its as if they go from one side of the spectrum to another but slowly and beautifully...Sigh. Love them together. Overall this book could literally be 10 starts if I could give it that. One of the Best Dark Reads this year for sure. Happy Reading Kiddos!!

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